Thursday, May 24, 2007

Selling is like acting.

Selling is like acting. Good movie actors and actresses could take any roles to amuse and entertain their fans. They can make you laugh and cry with emotion, depending on their stories. They can be so natural in their acting that their fans can be carried away with their shows.

Selling needs emotion and feeling. At times when you relate happy moment, can you add laughter and humour on your expression. Or perhaps you are telling a sad story, can you have tears in your eyes and words to reflex the sorrowful part of it. Certain time you want excitement to be felt, can you create the moment of anxiety and interest. Your products need love and concern, can you act to show you are sincere and kind hearted. You want to depict your success and reliability, can you act by emotion and expression without saying them in words. Yes! If you are an actor, the above character and action can be acted to perfection accordingly.

If you can't act, I suggest the next time you see a movie or a TV show, take some seriousness in observing how movie stars act and dramatise in all their scenes. They talk with perfect natural facial expression. They can laugh and cry with feeling. Given time, you not only can sell but you can act as well like them.

My belief; "If you can act in your daily life, you can definitely be able to sell anything under the sun."

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