Friday, May 18, 2007

Learn from our past.

Most people live in the present and forgotten the past and neither border to think of the future. The present looks good and comfortable when the past was difficult and suffering. Why think of the future when it isn't there yet.
If this is the mind-set of our younger generation, the nation could be in danger of future progress. Today we are comfortable in life when most things are available to every one. Not 50 years ago, when our country was poor and undeveloped then. Getting into school was not easy or getting a simple job was difficult. There was hunger and begging was common. The average life span was shorter due to the environmental and standard of living. Comparing the today is so much different. School is free for all, unless one intends to attend in a private one. Unemployment is to the minimum, unless one is choosy to get a job. No one died of hunger here and we have not seen a beggar for a long time. Our average life has gone up tremendously due to improvement of living.

Our present younger generation is a pampered and a spoiled one. Perhaps they had heard but they had never seen the suffering of the past. The grand parents or even the parents might have experienced the hard time before. Now that life is much easier, the parents have forgotten the past. They love their children and would wish to give the best and comfort to them. Without realising and understanding the facts of life, unintentionally parents give their love to their children wrongly. They give more than they should. Their children are over protected in every sense. They refuse to let the young to suffer like them before.

End results; their children lack self independence, are lazy, demanding, carefree, not responsible and soft in character. These are the common characteristic personality of our today's youth and it is alarming. They have developed a wrong attitude in life and we the parents are to be blamed.

How can our growing nation be turned into a fully developed country, when our present youth are not even willing to excel and to stride harder. Without their strength and enthusiasm, the future might not turn so bright after all.

Moral of the story; "No past, there would be no present. No present, there is no future."

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