Saturday, May 26, 2007

Killer's charm of innocent sweet lady.

There are many types of women I had encountered. Some are sincere and loving but some are not. The one that puzzle me most, are those with dual characters. They are sincere and loving at times but sometimes they are not. This is the most dangerous type of lady because you won't know when they would swing their moods.

These types of woman are mainly those who had left their husbands. They are strong and independence in character. If you check with them, they would not be shy to tell that they had divorced their husbands and not the husbands that left them. They love money, frame and glory more than anything else in life. Man is not important in their personal lives. They seek for self gratification only.

With lonesome and stressful career, they escape to seek for temporary spiritual shelter. They attend religious learning and guidance which are not effective to them. At times they think holy but the hearts are devil driven because greed is too strong in them. Those who do not know them well would think that they are kind and spiritual incline.

However when they are out in the corporate world, they work like super dynamic ladies. They are cunning, shrewd and irresponsible in their professions, especially those who take up selling and marketing. They use their feminine charm and beauty to secure result. They use their sympathetic image as single parents to gain support and businesses. With their strong determination, they are not bother to follow ethical practices and rules. One word, they have no principle in life but heartless.

With their single status plus their sexy and attractive looks, they enjoy having fun with men who happened to come along their ways. They could seduce men to buy their products or to build a short term relationship. One day they are loving and the next they can turn arrogance. Whether on job or relationship, they would never be serious. Within their religious circles, they talked holiness and love but out in the earthly world, they behaved devil to a certain degree.

I am still asking myself; what are they? who are they? are they angel or devil? are they dangerous to our peaceful world? are they causing harm to the innocents? what are they seeking? are they sick?

This world certainly has a lot of mysteries to learn and to explore. So, when the next round you meet an innocent sweet lady, don't take her so easily but add cautiousness and be careful in your dealing with her. For she can cause more harm than good.

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