Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Star performer always has right attitude.

A consensus was done worldwide to find out what are the attributes to make a star performer of a company. They picked the best 100 established international corporations and interviewed their best 5 star performers of each . They finally gathered 30 common attributes that made them special from the rest.

The 30 attributes of star performer:

1. Honesty 2. Competitive 3. Positive attitude 4. Persistence 5. Patience

6. Hardworking 7. Integrity 8. Humility 9. Sense of humour

10. Drive 11. Determination 12. Confidence 13. Responsible 14. Motivated

15. Communicator 16. Organised 17. Listener 18. Pride 19. Empathy

20. Single-minded 21. Decisive 22. Belief 23. Goal Oriented 24. Learner

25. Enthusiasm 26. Common Sense 27. Detail Master 28. Dependable

29. Dedicated 30. Loyalty

Please note; 25 are purely 'Attitudes.'

4 are 'Skill' that are 'Attitudes' related.

1 is regarded as a skill alone.

Conclusion; if you truly want to be a star performer in your company but lack the above attributes, then most likely you would fail to be one. Unless you change. "The main reason a person achieves, keeps and performs well in a job is totally dependent on his attitude and not only on one's skill alone."

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Deen said...

A lot of people think having the right attitude is not as important as the having the skill..
I share the same view as you, Robert..

If I am the boss, I will only hire peoples with the right attitude..
Skill can be developed but attitude cannot be teached..

I was suprised to see humour in the list though but I would agree it is important..
A couple of jokes and laughter among your colleague will cheer you up altough you have piles of work to do.. ha..ha