Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Hidden rules on fame and sex

In my experience of 40 years selling, I learned the unwritten and hidden rules, regarding human behaviour and characteristics of those who are successful and powerful.

For a successful man, most likely he loves women and sex. The strong sexual urge is linked to his personal drive. Meaning, the stronger his urge, his drive is even greater. Without his sexual desire, most likely he would not reach the peak in his success or power. In order to satisfy his sexual needs, he has to earn well to appease his one or more women. The stronger his desires, the more he does well in his personal success.

I think for woman could be a little different. Successful ladies love luxurious life styles. Diamonds would be their best friends for replacing man. Exclusive cars could be better than sex. They prefer to live by themselves rather than to be in love with man.

I can't imagine how our world has evolved since the creation of Adam & Eve, when woman was there to love and satisfy man. Today successful women could live without man. And successful men are getting more difficult to look for deserving women, who are willing to satisfy their unwritten and hidden needs and fancies.

There is a French proverb: "To live happy, live hidden. Where can Brigitte Bardot hide?"
This is not-so-happy thought by Brigitte Bardot.

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