Monday, May 14, 2007

Be focus on your selling

Is sad to see a lot of my fellow colleagues, finding difficulties to stay longer in our business. At the beginning of their insurance career, things were extremely exciting when they saw glamour and income. In order for them to see immediate results, the fastest and easiest ways were to approach people closed to them, relatives and friends. When these new agents who brought in the rapid new sales, everybody was happy, from the managers to the company. For their achievement, they were well recognised and rewarded.

You could see the excitement slowly decreasing, when they found that there were no more 'easy sales', after selling from the third year onward. All their closed contacts were being approached and they had no more excuses to ask their friends to buy again from them. When they started, they were treated like heroes and stars, because they were producing marvellously as rookies. Three years later, they could almost lose all their enthusiasm and hope in this career. Those who still insisted to continue, became beggar salesperson. Their selling were more like begging rather than to sell on clients' or prospects' needs. They sold out of desperation.

The main cause of their defeat was; they were never trained to sell in the first place but they started more like being an order takers. They started with those easy sales from their closed contacts and when they ventured into the natural and unknown market, they were totally at lost. Was like a pet dog being thrown to hunt in the wild. These pet dogs would never survive in the jungle unless they were trained to be hunter.

To make things even worst, most agents are encouraged to sell various products. From life insurances to general insurances. Including will writing and talking on investment, selling unit trust. Let alone life insurance is a long term learning, when one has to be committed. How could they within these short period of two to three years, to be able to learn all the about products with competence and confidence. Without focus, failure would be too soon to happen.

My only advices to my fellow young colleagues. Learn the hard way by selling to strangers or try extensive cold calls at the start of your career. By doing so, you would understand human behaviour and manner better and faster. Pick your one product that you like most and make sure you learn the hundred percent of it. Focus on what you want and create the dreams for yourself on this life long career. If you are serious, I am sure you would be successful in whatever you endeavour.

A friendly advice; "Do not allow anything to be an obstacle, see everything as a stepping stone to victory."

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