Saturday, May 19, 2007

Your eyes can show you are in love!

I met one of my young lady client who looked so happy through her eyes. Without hesitation I asked Steph, "Are you in love at the moment?" In a shy manner she replied, "How do you know Robert."

With my experiences, heart is the place where love resides. Unfortunately we can't see the heart from the outside. However there is a pathway from the heart that links to our eyes. So when a person is happy and especially in love, that person's eyes would grow with love.

In order to sense and learn this type of love grow in lover's eyes, I suggest you dine in a romantic restaurant where all lovers patronize. Those places are flowered with roses and are lit with candles. Don't just eat but look around you to see the eyes of those lovers who are dinning as well. Observe their facial expression and movement. You definitely can see the different of how sweet and romantic they are. A reminder, please don't miss to look at their eyes. They have the grow of true love.

Steph, you have the eyes of love and I too have them, but just that you are not experience enough to observe mine.

For those who are in love; "Pure love is the basis of eternal relationship."

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