Friday, May 25, 2007

Life Insurance is a promise to deliver.

Is selling life insurance easy or difficult? Yes at the beginning but no if you are not serious in the business. Most rookie agents who started this career are money driven. They could do well in the first year, because they have many friends to support them at the beginning.

Selling life insurance is offering a promise to deliver. A promise that in the event of the future, if the client dies, disable or sick, the agent would be around to handle all the necessary claims for his client. Sad to say, not many rookie or even agents are competence in claim procedures. There are many types of claim, either the minor or major, all claims have to be submitted according to strict requirements.

All new agents are recruited and trained by the sales agency forces. Most of the trainings are related to sales and marketing, when income, incentives and recognition are over emphasized to motivate the agents to sell. Not many agents have the chance to experience a death claim. Meaning, you might be selling many policies but not many clients would die too soon for you to gain the experience in making a claim. So, many a time when an inexperience agent who encountered a bad claim, he would find difficulties to overcome the problems. Not forgetting the sales department works differently from the claims section. The sales want more sales but the claims control sales, unless the sales were brought in right.

I have worked 25 years to understand the important of claims. It is only when a final claim is paid would I consider a sale has concluded. So whenever I submit a case, I always informed my clients that their estates and insurance requirements are of prime concern to me. Their programme should be reviewed from time to time. If their estates are not in proper order at their retirement or premature death, then I have failed to live up to the faith and confidence they have placed in me. This is my personal promise. This year alone, I had submitted three death claims with speedy approval, not counting the numerous medical claims too.

My recommendation to agents who want to excel in this career; before you sell, please take some time to approach and learn from the claims underwriting first. They don't teach you to sell but they convince you to be serious in this business. You learn from the last part of the business to become more professional. It might sound silly but it works.

"Happiness is not in having or being - it is in the doing." This definition of happiness by Lillian Watson.

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Foxerlow said...

The purpose of this type of insurance is to provide the child with future life insurance cover. However, if the child dies before attaining the vesting age, the sum insured of the policy is not payable. Only the premiums paid (with or without interest, depending on the company's policy) are refunded. Should the child die after the vesting age, the full sum assured will be paid.

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