Monday, May 07, 2007

Selling is like sex!

A younger salesman asked a successful older salesperson, "Sir! Although you are much older than me, more clients like to deal with you and not me. Can you tell me what are your secrets of your success?"

The older colleagues replied, "Selling is like sex. The older you are, the more skillful you would be!" The young man was not sure, "Sir could you enlighten me further."

He was disturbed, "Aiyah! Why are you such a stoop! At your age, your sex plays can be strong and active but you lack skill and experiences to last the distance, and to satisfy your deserving partner. However when you are much older, you would definitely acquire better skill and know how to perform fantastically well on bed. Selling is the same. The longer you work, the more you refine yourself."

Morale of it: " Selling & sex, both need to have the experiences & the magical touch."

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