Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Thai Massage

Quite recently I received a text message from a childhood friend. It was written more like a joke; "Good News! Massage parlour at Old Klang Road where we used to patronize 35 years ago has reopened. But the Bad News! The old lady masseurs are still around lah."

Yes! I had been massaging for the past 35 years and I still love it. Those days, the Old Klang Road would be the most popular location for massage. The parlours would be identified by the dime lighted red lanterns at the front. One would not miss them because they would be spread all over this road. Each parlour would be flocked by dozen of local Chinese women who so called themselves as masseurs. In fact, they hardly knew how to massage comparing to our present standard of professional massaging. They were there to 'cari makan' only and we were too innocent to know what was right or wrong in the first place. Those days the charges was dirt cheap, between RM8 to RM10 per session for one hour.

I had travelled to most part of the world and I am proud to claim that I had almost tried all types of massage. From all Asian to European and to American. Take my words, forget the European and the American. There are some massages that start from your head and end at the legs or some from the legs and end over the head. I think the later is better, because legs are more tiring than the rest of the body. We walk more than the rest of our body parts. Although the Asian is better than the rest of the world, I have to give credit to the Thai as the champion of massage. Thai masseurs are specially trained and they are awarded with their Ministry of Certificate to confirm their competence. They are very successful in this service mainly because they work with passion and dedication. They are proud to be a masseur and they make sure they give the best to their customers.

Massage is an art which has been in existence for centuries. Those old days, massage was meant for the Kings or for the war-lords. They believed it could improve on blood circulation and I agree with them. Today you don't have to be a king to have a good massage. You don't even need to fly over to Thailand to have one because Thai Massage is available all over our land now.

In case you have not tried once, please take some of my following tips before you try. Try to avoid the young pretty masseurs. They are not experience yet. Pretty one always does lousy job because they thought they are always in demand. After all you are not there to khawin them, so pick the older masseurs who have more experiences. Don't judge their face look but rather their hands. The broader their hands and arms, the more they are good at their massaging. Good masseurs should have worked more than 5 years in the trade. A good massage should have some degree of mild pain on your body. Without this mild pleasurable pain, then this is not massaging at all. If you happened to enjoy a good massage, remember to give the deserving lady a tip. You be surprised, your next trip would be even more sensational than the first.

If any of my readers do not know where to have a good massage, please write to me and I would take you to the right place. Of course! It has to be under your account.

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