Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Apply Love in our selling

Many fellow colleagues used to ask me, "Sir, how do you manage to sell life insurance for such a long period of time." Spontaneously I replied, "I don't sell insurance but I am preaching the religion of love."

Perhaps these young people might not understand that short simple reply. Let me offer a little wisdom to my words here. Basically life insurance is a product of love and the understanding of life itself. The journey of life is related to birth, living, suffering and death. During this living path, we face many obstacles to survive. Non of us can escape this journey. Either you could live with loves or to live with hatreds.

The word love sounds simple enough but is not that simple as we thought. Love has feeling and emotion. Love is beautiful if you know how to use it. Love is giving and sharing. Love has no jealousy. Love has no ill thought. Love always has affection to care and to concern. Love has forgiveness. Love has no greed. Love has no pride. Love can inspire and motivate. Love has the willing desire to move. Love has kindness and humbleness. Love has patience and tolerance. Love depicts peace rather than violence. Love has no envy and not boastful. Love isn't proud or rude. Love has no self seeking. Love will not easily angered. Love keeps no record of wrong. Love doesn't delight in evil but rather rejoices with the truth. Love always hope and always perseveres.

Love never fails. To prove my points, lets look at history to learn and to believe. Buddha was preaching 'simplicity and contentment', today three thousand years later, his great name is still known. Jesus was preaching 'love' two thousand five hundred years ago, today the world still remember him. Prophet Mohammad was preaching 'peace' one thousand four hundred years back, one third of the world today are his followers. Mahatma Ghani was preaching 'non violence'. With his humbleness India got their independence. Mother Theresa's kindness melts the heart of all. All of them were preaching LOVE and they are forever to be remembered.

I am not a scholar, neither am I an academician. I am just a simple person but with a warm sincere heart to preach my faith in love. I strongly believe, love would never fail, if I applied it on my course in selling Life Insurance.

How I wish if only our Life Insurance Industry could put more 'love' into our selling, rather than just trying to meet our target sales. Perhaps then, there would be more agents who could last a longer journey in their selling. "Love is forever and greed is temporary."

My belief,"It is good to earn money for his needs. It is the hunger for wealth that is bad."


Anonymous said...

thanking for sharing your profound thinking.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Zar....

I am glad u like my sharing. Thank you for reading them...