Sunday, May 13, 2007

Grand mum can't make baby but grand dad can!

A little child was curious about growing and aging of lives. He asked his grand dad, "How come when we are old, some can still make babies when some can't?"

The grand dad was surprised and unsure of what he meant, asked, "What do you mean boy?"

The boy continued, "All grand mums can't make babies but many grand dads still can!"

Grand dad was shocked and amazed with his grand child curiosity about sex and lives. He had to offer a reasonable explanation and yet not so deep to confuse the little boy. Softly he whispered, "Well! All grand mums have no time to make baby because they spend a lot of time with God. Whereas most grand dads are still naughty and spend lesser time with God. They have more time to make babies outside of the home!"

Moral of the story is; sometimes in life we have to add joke and humour with wisdom to make it more interesting.

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