Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Thanks Deen for your comment on attitudes

Deen, thanks again for your sincere comments on my title, "Right Attitude." If only our Malaysian would adopt the right attitude in life, we should be more progressive than our neighbours.

You are totally right, skill could be taught and be developed but not attitude. Perhaps one can cultivate right attitude slowly from others. I can't be quoting of others wrong attitude but right around my circles of work, I could see many who are not working right. I have a very closed associate who at one time took me as a mentor. This person is willing to work and learn from me. I had taught this person almost everything, in term of ideas and selling skill but sad to say this person is still not doing well at all.

This person is intelligent and has personality but lacking in right attitude. Mind isn't positive, swing from time to time. Persistence is extremely weak. Work hard but no integrity. Determination and confidence level are low. Not focus and lousy organising. Non decisive and doesn't believe in products. Slow to learn and weak in common sense. Loyalty is there but not dedicated because complain more than ever. All these attributes to wrong attitude.

The person has the knowledge but wisdom of understanding in life is rather weak. The wrong attitude of the mind, effected the person's success. If only this person could listen, things would definitely be better.

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Excellent. We are waiting for new messages on the same topic:)