Thursday, May 17, 2007

Man is just toy for woman.

As man. we always find difficult to understand woman. More so on their feeling and desire.

In my life, I came across a woman who at the beginning looked simple and innocent. She had feminine charm which would be easy to make man fall for her. Came a gentleman who was attracted by her, they both fell in love rapidly. At the start, she wanted all his attention which he willingly gave. In order to prove, he was truly in love with her, almost everyday he sent love messages or poem of romance to her without fail. Not a single night would he fail again to call her to speak on phone before sleeping. They met most of the time, when Saturday was a lover's outing day and Sunday was another lover's night for dinner. She loved to travel and he was too happy to take her wherever she wanted. This was the pre romance period.

Two years later things changed. The man was even more serious than at the beginning. He loved her, missed her and needed her. When this happened, she complained that every night call was a nuisance. He was like wasting her time, when she should be doing her homework at home. Comparing to last time, no call from him, she would not be able to sleep. The love messages and poem were hardly read even though they were sent. Saturday and Sunday were too tight a time now because there were more other important events to meet. Don't mention the words travel and holiday, as everyday is a working day for her. This was the pro romance period.

I really pity all men because to satisfy and understand women isn't easy at all. To women, I think they take men as their toys. To play with them as and when they like. If they are in the mood, the toys are important to them then. Otherwise, they can just throw away the old toys and they can always buy new one again.

Really can't blame them, as women are getting smarter and richer. For the men, I beg you guys to work harder and smarter too. If we are not going to be better than them, we would always be their toys. Mark my words, for this is the true facts of life. Look around yourself. See how many successful ladies you know, would know how to cook, wash, care for the young and the old and be good lovers for the men. They prefer to earn well outside than to sacrifice more for their families. Perhaps they might even not prepared to have babies.

For the men, please awake yourself. For the women, be sincere and be fair. If the first man, Adam didn't requested for a companion, all females would not be in existence today. We need each other to move forward in life. You can't be living alone and neither can the men.

Definition of happiness by Judi Singleton; "Happiness is when your mind is thinking through your heart."... Specially for women.

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