Wednesday, May 02, 2007

American sees Malaysia as Paradise

In the course of my work selling life insurance, I was introduced to an American who has been residing in Malaysia for 28 years. He was then 24 years young, met one of our local pretty Muslim girl of 18 and got married at the first sight. They have three children all grown up. For some reasons unknown to me, he divorced his wife eleven years ago.

I met him through his elder daughter who had intention to purchase insurance for his dad. As I was trying to understand him, I was surprised he has no intention what so ever to return home to America. Although he has been staying here for this long, he was not granted a PR status or a Malaysian citizenship. In fact, he had not returned home for the past seventeen years. Currently he still holds a social immigration passport, which needs him to leave the country every three months. For his convenient, he crosses over to Singapore and re-enter to Malaysia again. He has a simple American Restaurant plus playing Rock music in Malacca.

What really impressed me was, he never complained any inconvenient staying in Malaysia. He loves our country, our environment, our people of the various races and cultures, our great varieties of food, our green landscape and our friendly nation. He could speak some Hokkien and Bahasa was marvellous. He behaves just like a true Malaysian.

Comparing him to many of us who complained and criticised, I felt so shameful of myself. Many young Malaysians who always have these remarks; There are discrimination, opportunities are scarce, education system is rather weak, inefficiency of our country bureaucracy and more.

Would like to relate one example. Mr X is one of my good friend who drives a brand new Mercedes and staying in a fairly up market location in KL. Although he was brought up by a poor family who runs a hawker store, X managed to complete his studies with a diploma. He started as a computer salesman but today he owns an IT company. Married with three lovely children. I considered him to be successful. However when I last met him, he told me that he is preparing to migrate to Canada with his entire family. He expressed his dissatisfaction of being a Malaysian and he wanted to give himself a chance to try from abroad.

I am sure you guys would have heard alot of these similar stories. One thing that really doubts me; "why are you not happy when you are doing even better than you parents in the first place!" Their parents were illiterates but yet they could support them to what they are of today. Whereas today. they are educated and smart, they claimed there are no opportunity for them now.

My beliefs in life are correct; "If one only sees with eyes and mind, perhaps one would be blind. If one could see together with one's heart, eyes and mind, the world would be more beautifully seen."

My friend, The American has no luxury in life, yet he doesn't complain, contented and found Malaysia as a land of paradise. What a funny contrast, he wants to be here but most of us what to be there. Perhaps the other side of the pasture is always greener.

This famous happiness quote by Bette Davis could be the answer for all our dissatisfaction and frustration in life; "You will never be happier than you expect. To change your happiness, change your expectation."

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