Monday, April 30, 2007

Purity, love & peace

"Where there is no love, there cannot be peace. Where there is no purity, there cannot be love."

This is a short proverb relating to life but it has so much meaning, which could be helpful to many who are at lost in their day to day living. It is most applicable to my fellow colleagues who many a time came personally to seek my assistance and advice. I would try my level best to write in words and let it open to the world to read.

The first sentence of the proverb could be understood as; you would be a disturbed person when you are not happy in life. When you are not a happy person, you would lack love in your self. Only person who has a loving heart could see the world beautifully. When the world you see is beautiful, you could manage your life well. The people you associate with, would like you because you are different in personality. Your family and your loved one would live in harmony with you. You should enjoy your work and success could be achieved. However, when you have no love and not happy at the same time, your mind would not live in peace or whatever you do could seem unpleasant to yourself and to others. The reason is, your mind is being disturbed.

The second sentence is, "Where there is no purity, there cannot be love." Purity of the mind comprises of many feelings. Do you have hatreds, anger, greed, jealousy, temptation, cheat, dishonesty or ill-thoughts in your mind? If you have all these negatives in your mind, you would never have purity in thinking. Once you have no purity, your heart would have no love.

Purity of mind is a blessing. Not all people would have it. Perhaps there are those who might have started with purity in lives but due to environment and circumstances, they would also be affected or losing their purity in thought. Especially due to working condition when one doesn't know how to manage time.

Let me relate one typical case. Miss A is a single parent who has two children and a mother to support. Her previous occupation was a full time secretary when she was happy, devoted, spiritual inclined, purity in thinking, calm and had plenty of love to offer. Couple of years back, she was recruited to the selling world. Currently she is representing two different companies selling two different products. When she first started these careers, she was doing well because she had some friends to support her sales. However without her realising, handling two different companies and selling two different products are no joke. At the beginning it was easy because she need not service her clients but today her client's expectation is much higher. There are new rules and regulation enforced by the authorities, when she has to spend time to learn. Within her companies and agencies, it is compulsory that she has to attend all meetings and trainings. She has to meet monthly and yearly targets. She has to spend time with her growing children, fetching them to schools and tuition plus extra curriculum. Community services on Sunday as well.

Today she is an exhausted lady who is not doing well in both companies she works. Her charming spirit no longer shows. She is desperate to close cases by using any means. She is an arrogance and hot temper person now. Without her realising, she has multiple personalities, depending on when and where she is. She can be an angel to the one who gives her the sales but she can also be a devil at times. It is terrible to see her change so drastically. She has lost her purity of mind and true love of the heart has diminished. When love is not with her, her mind is always being disturbed. The peace is not in her. What a sad story to relate!

Whether it is a true story or not, it is up to my readers to believe. Any way, this is true facts of life that we have to be aware. I repeat; "Where there is no love, there cannot be peace. Where there is no purity, there cannot be love."

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