Sunday, April 15, 2007

Answer to Christ Tiew's comment.

I am glad readers are adding comments onto my blog. If you read without participating, you would not remember what you had read. However, if you read and offer opinion, most likely you would understand your reading. The understanding would be stored in your inner third stage memory of your brain. I have a girl friend who had attending endless seminars, talks, sermons, training and reading stuffs, but she didn't apply her inner stage of mind to store whatever she had learnt. Today, I don't think she had actually learnt any thing that is worth to be used and to progress in her working world. She had forgotten what she had read or learnt.

One of my readers, Christ Tiew commented on my recent subject, 'Tipping reflects your personality'. He asked,"These days many establishments charge 10%. Is this tip shared amongst the staffs, just like tips or taken by the management."

Your answer: our normal 10% tips on the bills are collected by the management and to be shared among all working staffs in their entire establishment. The seniors would earn a higher points than the waiters who serve us on the table. Meaning, the take home tips for the managers would be greater than the guys who actually serve us.

If you think, the waiter attending to you is good, friendly and efficient, tip him personally and thanks him for the good services given. Or you can even write the extra tips on signing your credit cards, but you have to instruct the cashier that these extra are to be given to the specify waiter. I can assure you, your token of appreciation would be greatly accepted with thought. You offer hope, encouragement plus inspiration to these young waiters. The next round when you do come back to their place to dine or to drink, you would be treated like a special VIP. Christ, can you see the logic. You and me, need encouragement in life to push ourselves to go further. What about them?

Thanks again Christ Tiew for your comments. Happy reading.

In life:"You rub my shoulder, I rub your shoulder too."

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