Friday, April 13, 2007

Tipping reflects your personality

I did not know tipping could reflect one's character, until I had a chat with a hotel pub and restaurant supervisor. Richard has been working in the catering services for 30 years, understands what is tipping.

Tipping is to show an appreciation for services render. Most Malaysian are lousy tippers. They insist on best services but reluctant to tip or have no manner to tip. Internationally in most developed country, it is recommended to tip by a range of 5% to 15% whenever you are being served. Even if a waiter might not have given good services, it is still a manner to tip by the minimum. The minimum tip is to hint to the waiter, he isn't good at his job. If you offer a much higher tipping, you are appreciating his good services.

Most Malaysian are stingy and not generous in tipping. They could spend a lot on food & drinks, letting the restaurant owners make but try to avoid tipping. Not knowing the poor waiters depend on these extra tips because their basis salary are always very little.

According to Richard, there are many character and behaviour of a customer. Those who have very little thoughts for others, would not offer tip. They could be great pretender in life, claiming that they are generous or kind hearted, but the minute they tip by the bills, it would definitely reveal his true identity. When one does not have heart for others, he would be 'taking' more than 'giving.' He would only give, when he knows there is a gain by giving. Meaning, when he is surrounded with important friends or perhaps with his girlfriends; he would pretend to be generous by tipping lavishly. But his heart would have pain. This is another facts of life, "Give with joy or you would feel the pain."

Those who have heart for others are totally different. They appreciate any services render, especially if services are sincerely offered efficiently. They tip with appreciation and kindness, that could be felt. Believe me; "Kindness is a language, the blind can see and the deaf can hear." What more by waiters who are there to serve and to depend solely from tipping, certainly could understand a sincere or non sincere tipper.

To those who read this article, please be aware from now onward; have a heart for the waiters. Tip the correct way, for your manner and character would be shown and reflected.

You don't tip, you are a stingy and a miser. You tip too much, your heart has pain and you would grumble. Tip with sincere appreciation would be the best policy. Whatever the tipping style, only you would know the truth of yourself.

"True happiness is not attained through self-gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy purpose." If you could understand this phrase, one would be too glad to tip for the sake of showing appreciation to the deserving one.

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Anonymous said...

These days many establishments charge 10% for service. Is this shared amongst the staff, just like tips or taken by the management?