Saturday, April 07, 2007

Men are lagging these days!

I was surprised my recent subject, "Man & Woman" drew much attention. I received many comments through my email but I wish my readers could write their comments on this blog site, where others could read them too. Except Ling2 who wrote some interesting comments. Thank you Ling2.

Specially for Ling2 who seemed not so happy with my sentence, "ladies don't be too smart either" written on Title posted as "Men afraid to marry 'clever' women"; Ling2 you are totally right as you wrote, "men are definitely lagging behind these days."

In fact, all educational centres and universities have more female students than males nowadays. 25 years ago, the insurance company where I worked had only a handful of lady insurance agents then. Today, half of our agencies force are ladies and the top 5 producers are all females. I cannot doubt you at all for men to be lagging these days.

If you could have read my title, "Men & women need each other," posted on 30th March, you would have understood deeper into this interesting subject.

Without man in this world, women tend to look less attractive. With men around, women look more prettier and sexier. As we know, men can never live without women proven by the fact Adam the first man on earth could not live without. The charm and beauty from women create a desire for men. This desirable feeling is considered as a kind of love and affection. Without this love and affection, there would be no bonding between man & woman. There would be no marriage and without marriage, there is no family. Just imagine when people don't have intention to build home and have children; would there be future for the world.

Without the creation of Eve, Adam alone could never be able to make the world of today with 6billion people. Because he was lonely, God created a partner of the opposite sex for him. Eve was there to appease him when lives began after that.

When I said,"Ladies don't be too smart either because without man around, the world would be less colourless and as bright as of today." We both equally need each other to stay happy and be wonderful in this world.

A joke here: "By all means marry; if you get a good wife, you'll become happy; if you get a bad one, you'll become a philosopher."

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