Sunday, April 29, 2007

Birds have true love in them

I am fascinated by birds of their matching love. In any art or painting depicting birds, they are always painted by a pair. They would be flying together with love and faithfulness which man could not understand. Although man being smarter, they lack true love against birds.

If is true that God created the world with all kind of animals, birds, insects, man and others; why are we as smarter, yet could not be purer than birds. I could only self answer myself, as Adam and Eve both ate the forbidden apple, when the birds did not. Both them were throw out of Eden of Paradise but not the obedience birds. I think, birds are still staying in Paradise where innocent and emotion do not exist in them. They lead a care free lives without sin unlike human being.

As man, I had encountered endless love stories, with man and woman declaring their love between themselves. The woman could write to her lover, "I am more than willing to hold your hand in hard times, calm you in distress times. Offer my love and help you even when your pride may keep you from asking for it....muurscch!" It could sound affirmative with sweetness but from my experiences, emotion and circumstances could change the original intention of these love words later.

Imagine if I were a male bird, when I declared my love to my female,"Darling, I would love you for the better or for the worst, until end of the Universe!"...birds would honour every single word they said till death. Nothing could separate them. No emotion or under any circumstances could affect their true love. They are faithful by instinct and are very attached to each other. This is love of birds. How I wish, if only man could live like birds, then our world would have love and peace all round.

"Where there is no love, there cannot be peace. Where there is no purity, there cannot be love."

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