Monday, April 09, 2007

Blind but with determination

We don't need to go afar to hear or to see what true determination is. Our local news talked about this recent title on our people; "Nothing is going to stop this man from getting a job".
Partially blind Che Yatim Yahya travelled from his home in Kuala Lumpur just to try his luck at finding a job in Penang.
Che Yatim, 32, his blind wife, Rohazanah Ismail, 32, and partially blind one-year daughter, Amy Nadhirah Syazwani, boarded a bus at Puduraya on Tuesday night and arrived in Penang at 5am on Wednesday.
They returned to Kuala Lumpur after Che Yatim applied for various positions during the Career Day for the Disabled held at St Nicholas Home in Penang on Wednesday.
Che Yatim said he did not mind travelling that far to secure a stable job to support his family.
"I do not want to be a begger. As long as I am able to work, I will."
"I worked in a factory in Penang for eight years until I was forced to take up a voluntary separation scheme offer four years ago."
He said since then, he had been doing odd jobs. Despite being totally blind, his wife makes kuih and sells snacks on the street and at market.
"I need a stable job, my older children, Amy, is partially blind," he said.
Che Yatim said he came to Penang with hopes after learning about the Career day programme through the Blind Based in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur.

This is a true spirit of a Malaysian, who is blind but spoken with a powerful statement, "I do not want to be a begger. As long as I am able to work." Yes! Malaysian Boleh!
Never give up:
"Everytime we fall in life, we give up. We give up our dreams, give up ourselves.
Waves are inspiring, not because they rise and fall, they never fail to rise again.
To win, you need to try, try till you will."

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Abdul Rahim Abdul rahman said...

Che Yatim demonstrates a true grit in life despite his disabilities to meet his family obligation.

Without fail every weekend few individuals would ring my home gate bell requesting for donations. Almost all of them were abled bodied individuals, appeared healthy. Too often it crossed my mind who am I donating to? There were some even tried to force sell religous books and made me feel guilty if not making any purchases, requesting donation for far out station orphanages.....etc

But I have yet to get a blind man like Che Yatim to ring my gate bell, which I would be happy to provide and have free meal together with him.

The point of my dilemma is these suspicious beggers don't feel any shame in doing what they do, but instead I am the one feeling guilty if not making the donation at all or kick my own self after making one!!

Donation has new meaning to me now the more I do the more I feel guilty, afterwards!?!