Thursday, April 26, 2007

Exercising prolong sexual pleasure - final

No sportsmen could contest in any tournament, if they are not trained to be fit and well. Whether you are playing badminton or golf or a marathon runner, you need to train on stamina and strength endurance. Running the distance is a must to built stamina. Working out in the gym is to improve your strength.

The world asked, "What is the definition of exercising?" The International Sport Council responded: "Minimum 20 minutes of strenuous body movement of any kind. When the heart has to beat to a certain intensity rate, resulting into deep breathing and perspiring."

If this is the definition, the world asked an interesting question, "Is sexual intercourse considered as a form of exercising? There are many who could work on the bed by hours non stop. Their action and movement are like aerobic style. They have hard breathing and perspired energetically like a sportsmen. Their heart rate is definitely high."

Conclusion from the sport council, "Well! If both parties concerned, could work within our definition as specified, certainly this type of sexual intercourse is exercising."

Good news! My readers! The next round you are on bed, you know you are also exercising your heart and body. Of course, provided you could work within this specification. However can you be able to prolong your sex, if you do not have your stamina and strength. In order for you to last and perform, there is no short-cut on marathon sexual exercise. Training is the secret!

All marathon runners are discipline before they run the actual race. Are you? They trained to be fit and strong to last the distance. They know how to control their stamina for the two and half hours race. They reserved their strength till the last home turn before they burst their last breath to win. They have the experience as well. If you intend to run the marathon sexual race on bed, then you too have to train to be fit and strong first. Is it logical!

Dr Bob Delmonteque, currently 85 years young. His book Lifelong Fitness on his last chapter written, "One of the most exciting developments I've discovered in the research on hormones and aging is that you've got the ability to build your confidence and improve your love life through physical conditioning. Whether you're 40 and suffer from low self-esteem, or 60 and suffering from physical changes associated with aging, you don't have to be deprived of sexual enjoyment. Working out can lead to better cardiovascular response and better blood flow. Furthermore, sex requires a certain amount of stamina and muscle movement. Doesn't it make sense, then a physically fit person is guaranteed better sexual encounters and greater sexual enjoyment? "

Buy his book and you would see his posture yourself. Believe me, he has a lot of lady admirers and still can make baby, if he wants to even at this golden age.

Last tip for those who are keen on bed room exercise. Before you start the game on the bed, ten minutes of warming up is vital important. All marathon runners have to warm up first before they start the actual run. Otherwise they might not make the distance. So ladies and gentlemen, if you intend to have a long marathon, the trick is have your warming up first.

I hope the information works for you, especially the one who is reading my blog now. Try!

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