Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Just listen to your heart

This blog title is a reply for a special lady whom I admire. Annie is a very committed management staff with our company, who conducts training for our agencies. She asked whether I listened from my heart for inspiration to write.

Yes! My dear, not only I listen from my heart, but I also see with my eyes, and utilize my mind to think. Most people depend on their mind to work. Mind alone could be corrupted and eyes could deceive at times. Heart is pure. The combination of the mind, eyes and heart would be more profound.

Most younger people start with their eyes to seek for a better career. Normally they are carried away by the glamour they see. They look at all the attractive possessions others have; like expensive cars, luxurious home and classic holidays. Later they use their mind to create their own dreams to satisfy their desire. Mind alone could be dangerous because it corrupts. They could do things beyond imagination.

If the younger generation could understand to apply and listen with their hearts, their eyes and mind would reflect with a purer thought. Their character and behaviour would be more sincere and caring in nature. The logic is; the heart is the place where love resides. My belief, "The happy and loving heart of a person sees the world more beautifully." And when you have sincerity and concern, kindness would be shown. "Kindness is a language, when the blind can sees and the deaf can hears."

I wish all my fellow agents not only work with their eyes and mind but listen with their heart too. If you are, I am sure your life journey would be a pleasant one. Best of luck to Annie and her branch.

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