Saturday, April 28, 2007

Tongue can excite

Mobile phone is a must in our day to day lives. Text messages are sent for purposes of communication and for amusement too. One message I received from the Philippine; "The Eyes are the organs of seeing. The ears are the organs of hearing. The nose is the the organ of smelling. The tongue is the organ of tasting the other organ."

In comparison to one Malaysian message, I received three years ago, which might be still on circulation; "The strongest muscle is a man's Tongue. It can raise woman's legs with just one lick. The lightest muscle is a man's Penis. It can be raised by a woman's Tongue."

Many would have received them too. Perhaps you might say now, "Ayah! I had seen them before. These are old stuffs lah!" The fact is, "Can you differentiate them?"

My insight to their words. The Philippine is more refine and gentle in personality. The Malaysian is rough and unpolished. Both are creative but the Malaysian is more courageous than the Philippine. Both have interest over sex but the Philippine is more romantic than us. We would be wild and aggressive on bed whereas they would be gentle and soft.

Funny isn't it! Words define your thoughts and character. There is a saying, "A picture is better than a thousand words." However when you have no picture, then words are still important in our lives.

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