Sunday, April 01, 2007

Buy or not to buy life ins

'Buy insurance when you don't need it coz when you need it, you can't buy".

During my course of selling insurance, I encountered two different interesting cases which I like to share.

Thomas and Yim were partners when I was introduced to them 15 years ago. With my honest dealing, both took up covers with me. Due to bad business environment at that time, both of them had to break off and alternatively seek for employment. Both wanted to terminate their policies taken, but Thomas who was more positive in nature, took my advises and retained the covers. Along the way, he managed to continue to increase and topping up his needs on our products. On the other hand, Yim who was all the time the negative one, refused to accept my advises but to discontinue his policies. Of course these are the choices from them.

Luckily in 2002, I met the wife of Yim, who accepted my proposal to effect a plan for her husband. A plan to be paid by the wife at a minimum premium she could afford. The husband just refused to accept the word of insurance. Even last year, when we met and chatted over a cup of coffee, he seriously said, "Robert, I don't need insurance money. I can died without it". I knew, he didn't mean it but the fact was, most people are stubborn in life to admit their wrong.

Nature has it's course. If you do take care of your body and mind, they both would naturally take care of you too. Very seldom, people would live a well balanced life. If you want to earn plentiful, you would not have much time to relax. If you want to socialize by drinking and smoking excessively, you would definitely have no time to exercise. Endless! Lets' not talk so much on this but let's go back to Thomas and Yim.

Last year, Thomas was admitted to the emergency for an acute heart attack. He was lucky because he was admitted in time to be treated by the doctors. Two weeks later he was discharged and all the medical bills were paid by his insurance. On top of it, my company paid him a handsome amount on critical benefits for the heart attack diagnosis. Today, he is considered as half retired and could live with pride and dignity on the insurance he had received. I felt extremely happy for him and of course he and his family I equally pleased with us.

Came early this year, Yim was also admitted with a heart attack to a private hospital. He didn't inform me but luckily his sister-in-law who was also my client related this admission. The private hospital didn't do the necessary because the surgery could be too expensive for Yim's family. Thinking that he could be alright by merely taking drugs and medicine which was a temporary relieve, he forced himself to discharge from the hospital.

Later of that evening, from the feedback from his wife, I knew he was still suffering badly and almost out of breath. I recommended them to seek the Government University Hospital where I have a good doctor friend who could help and provide some sincere advises. I had to force them to go because they thought they may not have the means to pay the bills. I gave them the assurance that I would always standby to assist if they need me.

The next morning, the husband and wife went to the hospital with my doctor friend waited. Should he not be there, he could have been dead by now. Because the doctor detected three arteries blockages and one of it could rupture at any moment. It was like a time-bomb in him. He was saved in a nick of time with the surgery done at a minimum cost by a friendly government hospital

After his discharge and with all necessary claim and requirements given to me, my company paid the wife the minimum insurance that she had taken for the husband. Those insurance was enough to pay off the borrowing taken earlier. Today Yim could smile again but of course he can't live like his ex-partner way of living. Should he had listened to my words, he should be just like Thomas today. Anyway the ending is still happy. I felt honour to have served my two friends to the best in our profession. I am their saviour and I had preached right to them.

The morals of the story are: "The wise would listen but the fool would not" and "Buy Insurance when you don't need it, when you need it, you can't buy".

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