Friday, April 06, 2007

Give appreciation not criticism

Specially to some of my closed friends who always like to criticizing and complaining in their day to day lives. Hopefully these few meaningful words and phrases would change and enlighten them.

"Each of us has our own unique flaws. It's these flaws we have, that makes life so very interesting and rewarding. It binds our lives together. Instead of looking for flaws; we have to accept people for what they are and look the good in them."

After all nobody is perfect, including ourselves. The minute you start to point your fingers to someone, there are three fingers pointing backward to ourselves. Remember that!
If you criticize and complain, without you realising, you create hatred and anger within your mind and thought. On the hand, if you offer appreciation and compliments, you have love and acceptance within yourself. The funny part of lives, most people like to spot weaknesses of others rather than appreciating the good in them. The somebody could be 90% good but the minute he is known to have a 10% bad, everyone would take the opportunity to cry over it. What a shame of human life.

"If you look for Good, you'll find Good. If you look for bad, you'll find Bad. In life, you always find what you look for. Only thing that matters is...what you choose to see."

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