Saturday, April 07, 2007

Too much money can be sorrowful

My poem posted on 23th March, "Money" depicted as too much money can be sorrowful in life is true after all. Too much money can blind a person. Money gives you power and makes you a miser. Miser leads to misery, lonesome and frustration. Read on to find out.

Hong Kong: With speculation high over who will inherit the US4bil (RM 14bil) estate of late Hong Kong tycoon Nina Wang, new tales emerged yesterday about the unusual private life of Asia's richest woman.

Tales of nights spend with her pet money and legendary meanness - including an interview with a maid who said she never received a pay rise in 14 years of service - stood out from the intense media coverage of her death.

It reported that the childless Wang, who was known for wearing free clothes made by friends and dining out only at fast-food restaurants, had set up a trust fund to help keep the company going.

Even more shocking: Mina, her Filipino said that Wang was so lonely after Teddy's disappearance, she took in a pet monkey - and sometimes slept in the same bed with it.

I can't imagine a lady so rich and yet had to live in such misery. May be she did not know and understood the wisdom of life; "The answer to true happiness living - is loving and giving. For only love can make man kind. And kindness of heart brings Peace of Mind."

"The happiest people don't have everything. They simply utilize all the potential in what life has to offer." "Even with a small bank account the one who is contented finds himself with great wealth." Like you and me!

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