Friday, April 20, 2007

Secret admirer makes my day!

Finally, there are more readers who had the courage to reveal and to comment on my recent title; "Pre & Post Love Relationship". One of my secret admirers, beautifully expressed her or his thoughts. I had a strong feeling by reading your words, you are a charming sweet lady. Thanks for your comments my dear. You really make my day!

You started with these meaningful words, "Love starts with a smile, grows with a kiss and end with a tear." Most of us fall into that way of lives. Hoping that there are better lovers to come. From my experience, the better lover is no other than yourself first. In the first place, ask yourself whether you truly understand the word 'LOVE.' If you assume that you depend on fate or luck to get the right person, then you have a 50 to 50 percent chances of reaching that love. However, if you understand the facts of life and truly a loving person in nature, I think you would definitely get the man of your choice.

Believe this phrase spoken widely; "Is easy for woman to get men, but is not easy to get the man you love." Don't let your eyes to blind you, neither let your mind to deceive your false emotion. Ask your man why he loves you. If he could not explain what is true love, then sorry to say, that is not the man who really loves you.

Love has its magic and miracle. If you do have your right man; love him truly, love him with excitement, love him for the better and for the worst together. I am sure you would be happy for the rest of your lives. Wish you best of luck with your love.

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Anonymous said...

"Is easy for woman to get men, but is not easy to get the man you love." I totally agree with this phrase, women can fall deeply in love with their man but will never know if he is the right one that will love her too. Sometimes we just cant decide because love isnt a decission. Love is a feeling and a journey. If we could decide who we loved, it would be much simpler but less magical...