Tuesday, April 17, 2007

seeing & feeling offer happiness

This short story was related to me when I was a child of five. It helps me to understand the simple way of life.

Once upon a time, there were two families staying next to each others. One was rich and the other was poor. The one who was rich but his family was rather thin. Surprisingly, the other one who was poor, his family was stronger and healthier.

One day, the rich asked the poor, "What do you eat at home to be stronger than us?" The poor replied, "Sir, we are poor people. We can't afford to eat like you. Everyday we could only have porridge and ikan bilis for lunch and dinner."

The rich was astonished, "We eat meat, vegetables and rices and yet all of us are much thinner. Where had we gone wrong, my friend?"

The poor continue, "Sir, each time your family have meals, we would be ready to have ours at the same time. Because your aroma and smell of those tasty, cooked food from your side, gave us appetite to eat more."

The rich was shocked with anger, "What! You stole my aroma of the essence from my cooked meals. Now I know, why we are not growing because you stole the best part of our food. I am going to sue you for stealing."

At the court, the entire story was explained to the listening judge. The Judge passed a judgement, "Yes, poor I found you to be guilty for stealing. I fine you for RM1000 which you have to pay now."

The poor was sad, "My Lord! I don't see the logic and I don't have these kind of money to pay."

Incidentally the Judge stood up and handed over RM1000 cash to the poor. He instructed the poor to count the money one by one. He had to say it aloud to make sure the exact of 1000 was counted correctly. When the cash was fully counted, the Judge took his cash back. "Well! you both can go back not. The case is fully settled for good."

The rich was confused. He thought, the Judge was so kind to pay the fine on behalf of the poor."So what happened now." The Judge explained, "The poor smells your aroma food. He compensated by counting the 1000 ringgit. You heard his count isn't it?"

The moral of this childhood story; "A beautiful world could be seen with a happy heart." Possession alone can't make a person happy. A right mental thought, a positive look in life and a feeling of acceptance are all facts of life to make us happier.

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