Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Do your best

" It has always been my belief that a man should do his best, regardless of how much he receives for his services or the number of people he may be servicing or the class of people served"

Spoken by Napoleon Hill.

Specially for my fellow colleagues who sell. A reminder for us. Immaterial how long you are in selling, we remain to serve rather than to be served. Is disgusting to know that a fellow sales person who claimed, "I don't need this sale coz the premium is too little for me", when he had to beg for sale at the beginning. Or "The prospect is living too far away" when he went miles at the start of his career to approach a poor.

A sales person who has the above wisdom of thought would definitely go for miles in his career. Added with love and passion over his work nothing is impossible for him.

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