Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Wife courts hubby's ex & fix their wedding

Is unbelievable! The news I read from today newspaper.

"Wife courts hubby's ex, then fixes their wedding," was the headline.

It is a rare woman who will willingly allow her husband to take another wife but Maznah Mohd, 46, went further and proposed to her husband's old flame knowing he still had feeling for her.

The housewife, from Kampong Bukit Nangka, Tepoh in Kuala Trengganu, also helped organise the wedding ceremony, assisted the new bride and cooked the food.

"I know my husband still has feeling for his old love and that is why I allowed him to marry again," she said.

Abdul Wahah Jusoh,51, who has nine children with Maznah, married Siti Rohani Ahmad, 48, at Kampong Raja on Saturday.

Maznah added that there were six reasons why she willing to share her husband even though she admitted to having negative views of polygamy.

"I look at it as a test of God and I want the best for my husband. If I stopped him, there would be nothing to stop him them from eloping to Thailand," she said pragmatically.

Immediately when I read this interesting news, I sms through my mobile phone for all my male married friends to read. Shockingly, they replied and wished that they were the lucky husbands instead. Lives have two faces. Sometimes we acted like angels but most of the time we are the real devil as well. Only you, yourself know what you are!


YM Leow said...

Would you fix up a marriage for your wife with her ex whom you know still have strong feelings for each other, if polygamy is not an issue?

Jenny Lee said...

Is it true that man and woman are equal nowadays?

If this lady can sacrifice her loved one to another person, so can a man do that too??