Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Exercising prolong sexual pleasure

I was never a sportsman before, until I turned 44 when I became serious in regular exercising. It was not easy at the beginning because stupid mind kept telling myself to delay, even I knew exercising was good for health. After going through these 16 years, I think I could share some advices and tips to my readers.

From books and friendly information gathered: there are three stages of awareness before one could reach a level of full commitment in regular exercising without distraction.

At stage one; you know exercising is important but some how or rather, the drive and interest isn't there to push you. Only at times for some good reasons, you might do some workout, run or play some form of games or sports with friends. The urgency won't be there. You might even consider exercising as a waste of time.

At stage two; you have developed a better habit to exercise. May be with some influence and encouragement from others. At times you could be serious working out long hours. However the danger is, sometimes certain excuses would lay you off. Once that happened, it is difficult to come back again.

At stage three; the regular exercise benefits your health for certain. You are convinced that exercising is part of living. Just like you need food to survive, and regular exercising keeps you strong and healthy. You are committed for life. From now onwards, you don't need persuasion and encouragement any more. You would feel guilty, if you do not exercise. Once you reach this stage of awareness, there would be no turning back. It is at this stage that one should try to reach for perfection.

It took me almost one year to reach stage three to exercise regularly. On three times a week, I won't fail to go to my gym in the club. I would run to strengthen my cardio-vascular and pump iron to build my muscle. Running improves stamina but is advisable to know the right way to run. Measure your heartbeats when you run. The younger you are, the higher your heartbeat should be when you are running. You can buy a heartbeat's wrist watch to time your run. You have to run at least 20 minutes for the heart to beat at the appropriate intensity to gain the optimum result. You might be walking or slow run for hours but not having the right intensity of heartbeat, your heart would not be properly regulated. If you are a normal healthy person, you would not feel dizzy while running fast or stopping immediately after a long run. Is good to check your recovery time on your heart after each run. If your heartbeats could return to normal after a rest of 3 minutes, you would be term as normal healthy person. I am sure your stamina would be good. Walking three floors up with a brief case isn't difficult for you then.

Strength exercise is equally important. This could be done by using iron workout in the gym. You can exercise according to your needs and physical weakness. The purpose is to build strength on to your physical parts. As we age, our body mass and muscle would soften. Strength exercise prolong and maintain the mass within us. Basically these are the two types of exercise for our body; heart exercise for stamina and strength for the body muscle.

My regular exercises had helped me tremendously in living and working. Many would wonder where I gained my strength and enthusiasm. It is the exercise that vitalize and energize my personality. I feel my present physical is much better than when I was younger. Wisdom mind of 60 and energetic body of a 37. What else should I ask for in life coz 'health is wealth.'
Long term exercising could improve and prolong sexual pleasure; The main aim in life for any normal person. Want to find out more on this interesting subject, please blog onto my next preview again. I assure you, you have a lot to gain and to laugh as well.

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