Sunday, April 22, 2007

Secrets of longevity

There is a saying, listen to the wise old man and you won't be wrong. Quite sometimes back, I met a local 75 years old Chinese man who is strong, healthy and still working. He could be taken as 60 only. I asked him what was his secrets of good health. In Cantonese he replied, "Never control your inner three 'Yan' of ourselves."

According to him, every human being has three 'Yans'. I term them as calls of nature or the three urges of fluid secretion from our body. They are urinating, passing motion and sexual need.

He explained, when we need to urinate, don't hold back. Holding back all the times for too long, would be bad on our urinating function. Especially on a busy working day. They develop stones in our gall bladders and renal system. Urine is toxic secretion.

Similarly when we need to pass motion, do it immediately if possible. Long term delay could cause constipation and inflammation of our colons. Stools are bowel waste which have to be discharged regularly.

Logically it is understood that the above calls of nature have to be accepted by virtue of medically proven. What surprised me is the last call of nature on sexual need, as he claimed is even more important.

According to him, whenever we have the urge or desire for sex, it relates that our bodies are actually healthy. The desire has to be energized. When man and woman have sex together, he ejaculates and she gets an orgasm. Both would secrete sperm and fluid at the same times. If sex is done, we gain contentment and satisfaction but if we hold it back, frustration and tension would be replaced.

We need food and water to live and to survive. Eating and drinking are in-flow energy. There is an Universal Law; 'what goes in has to come out! & what goes out has to come back!' Urinating and passing motion are out-flow energy. If we continue to eat and consume without discharging our waste, our body would be toxic and turn to be unhealthy in life. Indirectly it is against the law of nature or the law of universe.

At the same time while we are living in this world, we face a lot of hardship and obstacles. These are term to be in-flow energy of stress and tension. To release these unseen stress and tension, we need sex to distress ourselves. Sex is considered as out-flow energy. It keeps your bodies harmonize and at peace.

Believe them or not, are up to you! The fact is, we have a living legend of 75, who is still working and proud to show around his girl friend of 50 at age. An achievement for Malaysian standard.

His final advices, "Sex, hugging, touching, rubbing, kissing are good. They stimulate our bodies to produce its natural hormones which are needed for good health and longevity."

Conclusion; don't hold back your urges. Piss as much as possible! Shit wherever you want! Screw when you have the desire! You could live a longer and healthier lives. Applicable to male and female.

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