Saturday, April 21, 2007

Lembu pun mau!

In case, some readers who might have missed reading this gila news from the Star;

Headline - "Elderly man's advances on young cow end badly."

Phnom Penh: An unsuccessful sexual advance by an elderly Cambodian man on an unwilling young heiler ended when the bovine fought back, kicking him to death, reported by police.

Khmer-language daily Kampuchea Thmey quoted authorities as saying that Ta Sam, 67 of Svay Rieng province had been divorced for just 10 days when his urges apparently overcame him in the middle of the night with tragic consequences.

Sounds of scuffle caused the man's grandson to investigate, whereupon he found Ta Sam's naked body lying under the family's frightened cow, with injuries to his head and genital area consistent with being kicked by the beast.

Police concluded he died in a rape attempt gone wrong. Ta Sam had been divorced twice, with both wives citing his insatiable desires as the cause.

It said police did not expect to take any action against the cow, as she appeared to have been acting in self-defence.

WoW!! I can't believe reading them. What an insane man!

Moral of the news: Man always needs woman. Perhaps until the day we died or unless those are not healthy in lives might not need woman. Love more of our wives or girl friends coz they are very important to our lives. Otherwise we might turn to animals or seek the unwilling cow like the above.

A little proverb given by my naughty son: "The greatest achievement for a man is to be able to conquer two women and make them fall in love madly with him passionately. One is a wife and the other is a girl friend. You can even be happier by never allowing these two women to meet. Then you are truly a wonderful happy father and a good lover."

Ta Sam should have read this proverb and he might still be alive! Instead he died with a silent death of frustration.

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