Saturday, April 14, 2007

Ruthless Malaysian Drivers.

By nature Malaysian is considered as friendly. All our various races live in harmony to the envy of the world. However when we drive on the road, we turn 'animal' with instinct to attack and to be ruthless.

I really don't understand why we behave such rude manner. Even myself, when I was younger I reacted rudely too when I drove. Today with some understanding of life, I have softened a lot but still not perfect yet lah. Have to confess here! May be bad habit is difficult to change. Don't forget, I am only at 38 and turning 37 soon. Still have the vigorous heart in mind.

I have a girl friend who is nice and spiritually a inclined person. When she is on the wheel, she would also lose her commotion without realising it herself. She would yell, point finger, attack and throw all four letters words to release her tension. At that moment, it was sad that she lost all her feminine charm as a lady. I hope, she won't be reading this. Hihi!

I have another similar example. My previous ex driver was innocently a young man. I employed him for his religious trust and honest behaviour. Shameful to relate, he was the same too. In fact, he could change his entire personality from soft to arrogant, when he was on the wheel. He was a good driver who followed rules and regulations. However, when another driver cut into his path, he would easily get agitated. Instead of giving way, he would resist and attack. The boss here also could not calm him down. No joke! This style of driving is dangerous, which causes the many motor accidents in our country. That is why our PM is having a big headache whenever our Malaysian goes 'balik kampong.' Pity the old man!

Incidentally I have an old classmate who had a stroke. He is still unmarried and had been a great judo expert cum instructor since school days. With his judo philosophically training and teaching, he should be a calmer and more of a controllable person. According to his girlfriend, he was like a crazy or a mad driver when he drove. He had this stroke while driving for he had been driving with stress for more than 40 years. What a pity! I wander whether he could still love his young girl friend now. Gentleman out there, be careful the way you drive. Othewise you might not see your girl friend too.

I had travelled to many Asian populated cities where their traffics are even much higher than us. Surprisingly, their motorists are more pleasant and well manner compare to us. They understand the language of good driving. Their attitude is right. They have things that we don't have. They know how to be patience and know how to relax when on wheel.

Regret to say, we Malaysian has dual types of personality. Friendly when not driving but when driving we are no longer friendly. High time Malaysian has to learn and to understand these two simple words; "Patience & Relax" Betul tak?


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