Friday, April 27, 2007

Mobile phone is a nuisance!

Reading my son's blog, on his recent, "2.7 billion mobile subscribers worldwide for 2006" is interesting. 2.7 billion representing 41.4% of human race is unbelievable.

I bought my first Atur's car phone, way back in 1985 costing RM13000. I was the first few in my company as an agent using car phone. It was a real prestige and status conscious of owning one those days. If ever you talked on the phone while driving, all eyes would be on you. Remarks like,"Wow! Car phone!" or "See! That guy is driving with a car phone."

Things changed today. The super successful or one with power, need not carry any mobile phone because they have PA or bodyguard to carry for them. Is only those who have not make it to that position need to carry one. Person like me or you, who are reading my blog now.

I think the usage of mobile phone could relate the personality and achievement of a person. For those youngsters who are not working yet, carrying the phone and not using them are already a pride. Deep down in their heart, they are happy and proud to hold a phone. They want the whole world to know that they have one. Without them realising, they are telling the adults that I am still a kid.

For those who are working and still struggling in life, carrying the phone is a must. Each time the phone rings or when a text message is sounded, they would get excited. They are not the least be disturbed by any calls or messages. More calls and messages are their survival in business or career.

On the hand, those who are living in the fast lane, find that the mobile phones are a nuisance. They need to carry one because they have to be very mobile. There are too many people who need to communicate with them. How they wish, when they could talk less on phone or without using them.

Likewise I mentioned earlier, if you are truly the successful one, your PA would carry one for you. Instead of being disturbed, your PA screen the in-calls for you first. So! The next time, you want to act successful, don't try to show your expensive phone but rather don't use any phone, then you are term as the successful one.

My wife had never carry any mobile phone before. Sad to say, lately she had been succumbed to carry one because for the sake of reaching her grand children is greater. I thought she was one powerful lady but not true either!

The IT & Communication have really changed the landscape of our world.

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Alvin Foo said...

thanks dad for mentioning my blog. while i agree with you on some points, i cant completely agree on the fact that the not so successful one have to carry a phone while the super successful one will have others to carry for them.

They have others to carry because they are busy most of the time and need others to attend to their calls. In reality all the successful leaders have their phones beside them inc the president of china.

Mobile phones is already the single most important personalised item. YOu can live without your wallet temporarily but not your mobile.

Its not just a requirement but a must have for everybody these days as it symbolised many aspects of a person.